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Hello world,
glad to meet you here and thank for visiting us.

A little description about this blog, it is a blog that contains various tips of the internet side, computers, technology and also social education. Of course, the purpose of this blog is for sharing experiences and knowledge between us - especially as a blogger.

You can also find many other tutorials and simple tips here that hope would be useful. As an internet fan and computer geek, i always active in online activities at least 8-9 hours per day -staying with my beloved family in Central Java Indonesia.

You can also contact us via the Privacy Policy page on this blog. Mail link and other resources were available there. You are free to provide feedback,  giving positive criticisms and suggestions to improve the quality of this blog.

If there are useful things that can be taken from this blog, feel free to distribute them as much as possible just by giving credit as a tribute to us or just put your reference were taken from here. For more details you can explore the sitemap on this blog.

Thanks and keep blogging !

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